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I.  We facilitate times where older women encourage younger women by sharing their lives and through examining Scripture

We hope these times are mutually edifying and help us to courageously pursue Christ all the more.

I. We facilitate equipping times throughout the year for women leading women's ministries in their local church

II.  We produce and share resources that help women engage in biblical and fruitful discipling relationships


These [women] and several others have not only shown me what godliness looks like,...but have significantly graced my life by obeying God's special call to older women.

*emphasis added


When older women and younger women support each other in living out God's transforming love, the entire body of Christ- the bride of Christ - grows more beautiful.




We believe that when we are adopted into the family of God it is as daughters first.  We may fill other roles in life, but we recognize our identity in Christ as daughters is

precious. As daughters we can entrust to Christ the cares of our hearts and believe that he will relentlessly love and keep us.

New Wives

Marriage is an incredible journey for which we need the Holy Spirit and godly community. There are a bounty of new challenges that we face as new wives.  We cherish the new responsibility of our lives and desire to steward well this opportunity the Lord has graciously granted to display the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seasoned Wives

Seasoned wives and widows are a treasure trove of wisdom and are in a unique position to teach new wives, young wives, unmarried women and young women how to grow in godliness.  We seek to capitalize on the opportunity to learn from their longevity in their walk with Christ.

Local Church

We desire to help women follow Christ.  We will provide resources to help spur you on toward love and good deeds.  

We believe that discipleship is beautifully modeled in the local church. It is our hope you will be inspired to pursue discipling relationships with women in your local church.